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Straight Talk: Who are the losers in India's Higher Education?

In the first of a two part series, Dr. Pushkar writes that if India’s higher education system stays broken, we can realistically let go off all expectations from our demographic dividend. Who are the biggest sufferers in India’s higher education system, and why are they suffering? Read part two of the series here.

Straight Talk: Do College Rankings Matter?

Prospective students should not decide where to study based on college rankings alone, says BITS-Pilani Professor Pushkar.

Straight Talk: The government is needlessly delaying the announcement of the remaining Institutions of Eminence

The government must not delay in declaring IIT-Madras, IIT-Kharagpur, Delhi University, Jadavpur University and Anna University eminent. Our columnist, Dr. Pushkar, explains why.

Straight Talk: A close look at the 2018 national university rankings

The MHRD recently published the third edition of the National University Rankings. What do they really tell us about India's higher education sector? Dr. Pushkar takes a close look.

Straight Talk: Who are the winners in India's higher education?

Can there be winners in India’s broken higher education system? Dr. Pushkar answers the question in the second article of this two part series on Winners and Losers in India’s Higher Education. Read part one of the series here.

Straight Talk: Put Merit First in Indian Education

A culture of meritocracy must replace a culture of mediocrity if Indian Universities seek to match their international counterparts.

Straight Talk: Indian government must limit research to select institutions

PM Narendra Modi recently said that research should be pushed to state universities. Here Dr. Pushkar argues against such a move.

Straight Talk: India’s higher education institutions need greater clarity of purpose

In this Straight Talk, Dr. Pushkar argues that a simple classification of India’s higher education institutions is not enough. The government must define roles and responsibilities to achieve results.

Straight Talk: That college degree may not be worth getting into debt

Of our 5.500 business schools, barring the top 20, most produce only 7% employable MBAs, with the rest earning under Rs. 10,000 a month. Similarly, 80% of engineering graduates are unemployable



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