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A perfect SAT score isn't everything

Heres some advice from a UC Berkeley undergrad who aced the SAT and got rejected by 5 of the 7 Ivy League schools he applied to (dont worry, things turned out great)

Georgia Tech Ranks Among the Top Five Engineering Schools

Georgia Tech has consistently ranked as one of the best engineering schools in the world. It is classified as a university with very high research activity by The Carnegie Foundation.

SAT Scores in Asia Delayed Because of Cheating Probe

Fierce competition and a burning desire to study in the U.S. has led to cheating scandals that undermine the credibility of many Asian students.

College Board cancels June SAT, reduces international testing dates

The altered testing schedule is part of a number of measures intended to combat cheating and protect the integrity of SAT scores

Solve Real World Problems on New SAT Math Test

Students will have to show the capacity for sustained reasoning over the multiple steps required to answer many of the SAT math questions.

College Board partners with Indian universities to offer full-tuition scholarships to India's most needy

The makers of the SAT, along with partner Indian universities, seek to universalize access to higher education.

ACT exam questions leaked by college prep program

Reuters discovers that ACT's Global Assessment Certificate program is riddled with fraud. Read more below.

The New SAT Test

The College Board has announced sweeping changes to its SAT college admission test - essays become optional and vocabulary becomes more common. Read on for more!

College Board launches the India Global Higher Education Alliance

The College Board has announced a host of new initiatives from a new Alliance between Indian and international universities to scholarships.

College Board Needs to Stop Recycling SAT Tests

Asian test prep schools have exposed the SAT as vulnerable to leakages. Who is to blame?

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