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Asians outshine Whites, Blacks, Hispanics in Math, Writing: SAT

Asians in America are brilliant test takers with great command over math and writing, but their White classmates have better comprehension skills.

Solve Real World Problems on New SAT Math Test

Students will have to show the capacity for sustained reasoning over the multiple steps required to answer many of the SAT math questions.

SAT Scores in Asia Delayed Because of Cheating Probe

Fierce competition and a burning desire to study in the U.S. has led to cheating scandals that undermine the credibility of many Asian students.

5 Secrets to Acing your Test: Student Session

December 07, 2021 |

What are the secrets to acing your standardized tests for college admissions? were joined for a student session by College Boards Lisa Jain and Kavita Singh, CEO of FutureWorks Consulting - who gave their tips and strategies for students to understand how to tackle the tests. Understanding strategies to improve speed and comprehension, as well as suggestions to take the PSAT to get an assessment of how SAT ready a student is, were just a few of the useful tips students could take away from the panel. held a series of six student sessions at The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi, in February 2014.



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