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Straight Talk: Can India Learn From China's Educational Growth

Education was not, surprisingly, a key priority for PM Modi during his recent China visit. This is surprising because China has made great strides in higher education. Can their model be successfully adapted to the Indian environs? Dr. Pushkar explores possible synergies between the neighbouring countries.

Straight Talk: A close look at the 2018 national university rankings

The MHRD recently published the third edition of the National University Rankings. What do they really tell us about India's higher education sector? Dr. Pushkar takes a close look.

Straight Talk: Finding a Job After a Degree

Study at a college where faculty is accessible and you can build up to a career post-degree, says Pushkar.

Straight Talk: Who are the winners in India's higher education?

Can there be winners in India’s broken higher education system? Dr. Pushkar answers the question in the second article of this two part series on Winners and Losers in India’s Higher Education. Read part one of the series here.

Straight Talk: 3 Key Concerns in the Implementation of GIAN

India and the US recently signed off on the Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN), which aims to connect centrally recognized Indian Universities with American scholars and institutions. While a cause for great optimism in most quarters, it also evokes concerns. In this article, Dr. Pushkar explores three major drags in the Indian educational infrastructure which can check the spread of knowledge.

Straight Talk: Can Institutions of Eminence overcome the challenges that lie ahead?

Among other things, they will need to hire and retain quality, research-oriented faculty, and to transform the stifling academic culture that prevails at even top universities in India today.

Brain Gain in India's Higher Education

What can transform the brain deposit into brain gain? Opportunity. Dr. Pushkar examines the current home scenario for Indian scholars abroad, with its lures and its lacunae.

Straight Talk: Put Merit First (Not Home Grown Degrees or Ethnicities)

A look at the malaise of ‘academic inbreeding’ born of the cliquish culture of Indian universities, and the need to put merit first.

Straight Talk: Faculty Shortages are a Huge Obstacle to India's Higher Ed Plans

More than half the positions for professor at central universities are vacant, at a time when more and more Indians are attending college. How are we going to find more faculty for them?

Straight Talk: Why are there no women at the IITs?

The IITs and other STEM field institutions are showing an excessive gender imbalance. Dr. Pushkar examines this structural inequality in Indian and international academia and urges corrections.

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