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Pratham's ASER Report 2013

The Annual Status of Education Report, ASER, is the only annual assessment of basic reading and arithmetic skills done conducted in every rural district of India.

The Pratham Column: Let necessity be the drive, not convenience

Are we really equipping our children with Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic capabilities at the primary level? Can we really fix this problem with free meals - or by building more toilets and classrooms, asks Pratham's Abhineet Singh Malhotra.

Changing the Way Teachers Teach

The Indian education system is in a factory mode of production and if this is a good thing, then why do some students move successfully into the market to get good jobs, while others get discarded into the rubble of society?

The Pratham Column: Never take learning for granted

It's important to ask whether your child is actually learning in school, says Maria Grazia Pastorello - because this could impact their future aspirations more than we think.

The Pratham Column: After ASER

Pratham's Early Childhood and Middle School Education studies in India.

Kishor Sir's School: A bright spot in Maharashtra

Two members of Pratham's ASER Centre team visit a school where the teachers put in their own resources to make sure no child gets left behind.

The Pratham Column: Building capacities to deliver Education in India

The Right to Education Act was expected to transform the landscape of Indian education. However, three years into the implementation of the Act - and not even its vehement supporters would disagree, it has had little bearing on the quality of elementary education.

The Pratham Column: Social Promotion is Not So Social

The policy of social promotion within the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act of 2009 takes away the focus from learning to schooling, says Purnima Ramanujan.

The Pratham Column: Where are all the quality pre-schools?

Are young children in India getting the foundation education they need?

The Pratham Column: India's demographic dividend, employability and education

India is projected to have one of the world's youngest populations, by 2020. But there is a long way to go to get everyone educated and employable, says Pratham's Ranajit Bhattacharyya.



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