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How to be an Entrepreneur – Q&A with Gauri Singh

July 25, 2024 |
Founder of The Maids' Company, Gauri Singh, shares how she got there after doing a Bachelors in Architecture, and years of valuable experience with SEWA and UMA. She spoke to BrainGain Magazine about entrepreneurship, her degree in Architecture and the secret to success. A must watch for budding entrepreneurs.

Straight Talk: Who are the losers in India's Higher Education?

In the first of a two part series, Dr. Pushkar writes that if India’s higher education system stays broken, we can realistically let go off all expectations from our demographic dividend. Who are the biggest sufferers in India’s higher education system, and why are they suffering? Read part two of the series here.

Are the Arts losing to the Sciences?

July 25, 2024 |
BrainGain Magazine spoke with Dr. Zafeena Suresh, Education USA Adviser (USIEF), about the anti-Arts bias in the Indian education system. She discussed how the preference for Science is now deeply ingrained in the Indian mindset. And how this translates into the attraction of STEM fields even when students head abroad for further studies. She also shares how there is scope for change, and the attractions of a Liberal Arts degree.

Straight Talk: Who are the winners in India's higher education?

Can there be winners in India’s broken higher education system? Dr. Pushkar answers the question in the second article of this two part series on Winners and Losers in India’s Higher Education. Read part one of the series here.

Financial Independence Key to Women's Empowerment – Gauri Singh

July 25, 2024 |
Founder of The Maids' Company, Gauri Singh, spoke to BrainGain Magazine about how her passionate belief in gender equality, and her understanding that financial independence is key to women's empowerment, are the inspiration behind her entrepreneurial ventures.



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