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Foreign students need not worry, says Shalabh Kumar, Indian face of Trump team

Business tycoon Shalabh Kumar, who came to the US as a broke engineering student, emerged as one of Trump's biggest financial backers.

Engineers Should Think Outside the Box

Innovation calls for engineers who have their feet firmly planted in the practical world, and yet stretch far enough to stick their heads in the clouds, says Indian telecom maverick Sam Pitroda, who has nearly a hundred patents under his belt. Pitroda’s passion for invention was kindled following his graduation from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

An Insider′s Look at the Illinois Institute of Technology

Neil Bhandari, a Computer Science major at Illinois Tech, gives readers a look at the college which ranks on Forbes Top 25 STEM Colleges list.

Telecom Maverick Urges Engineers to Think Outside the Box

September 27, 2022 |
BrainGainMag Interview: Sam Pitroda



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