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A guide to understanding standardized tests

SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL… don’t let the acronyms put you in a tizzy! In this third instalment of our 12-part series on US college admissions, we explain what the tests do, and whether you need to take them

4 Simple Ways to Become a Grammar Nazi

Do you use the word irregardless? Or the phrase 'both of y'all'? Are you very confused when it comes to using 'I, me, myself'? Here are four ways release your grammar worries and be a grammar nazi!

Improve your English for Free

Ready to practice before taking those standardized English tests?

Taking a Test of English

If you're planning to head abroad to study, you'll likely need to prove your English skills - get cracking with some of these tests.

How & Why You Should Embrace Extracurricular Activities

As she heads into her senior year, Nudhara Yusuf writes about how students should approach extracurricular activities and why they are important.

Here's What You Need to Know about English Proficiency Tests

English language tests are a critical part of your university application. BrainGain magazine brings you the basics so you can get the jumpstart on the application process.

Tories Vs International Students - 5 Practical Changes to Visa Applications

How can the Conservative return to power in the UK affect international students? Get an insight with BrainGain Magazine.

New English Language Requirements for Foreign Doctors in the U.K.

The U.K. has recently changed the basic English language requirements for licensed foreign doctors to practice medicine in the country.

University of Essex announces unlimited undergraduate scholarships for students from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

British university offers scholarships worth £4,000 as tuition fee waivers to students of the Indian sub-continent

The Rules of Application: Starting Steps toward University

Being well informed, well in advance, about the application procedures for undergraduate programs, can give you a head start in the tight race for admissions to university in North America, the U.K., and Australia.



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