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The Lucky Filmmaker: 9 Questions with Nitin Madan

The 2010 film, ‘Colin Hearts Kay’ was described by critics as being sweet, quirky, funny – and it won accolades at film festivals across the U.S. But the journey has been a learning experience, says the film’s maker – and he’s full of advice for students planning to follow in his footsteps.

Filmmaker Interview: 9 Questions with Director Prashant Nair

Prashant Nair, co-founded Avedya, a top Paris-based social media consultancy firm in 2000, but turned to movie making nine years later after taking a film intensive at New York University.

Indian Filmmaker Introduces America to Sandra from Bandra

Meet Paromita Vohra, a filmmaker and screenwriter from Mumbai whose films explore feminism, popular culture, politics and art. Her films have been widely screened, besides being included in university syllabi around the world.



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