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Urjit Patel: India's new RBI governor is Yale and Oxford economist

Patel, who completed his Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University in 1990, has also worked at the International Monetary Fund.

Why Harvard Professor Gita Gopinath is a good fit as IMF Chief Economist

Gopinath, who will bring fresh thinking to the IMF in dealing with challenges of capital flows and exchange-rates, earlier talked to about her journey and the US advantage in education.

Generous Grants for Yale′s School of Management PhD Students

Once you have entered Yale’s School of Management as a PhD student you can leave all worries about financial support outside the door since the school supports its PhD students with internal grants. As an international student this makes a huge difference says Boudhayan Sen, doctoral student at Yale’s SOM, as not many grants are open to international applicants and those that are, are extremely hard to get.

Funded internship opportunity for doctoral students

If you are enrolled in a PhD in development studies, here’s your chance to do research at the United Nations University in Helsinki, Finland

Thaler's Nobel reflects how behavioral economics is in vogue

Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize for behavioral economics, a branch of economics rooted in psychology, which has gained tremendous cachet

You Understand the Duality of Viewpoints by Studying Abroad

While in the thick of preparations for applying to studying abroad, it may not strike you as terribly obvious that you are embarking upon a life transforming journey. Dr Shailendra Raj Mehta, academic director of Duke’s Corporate Education program says stepping out of familiar terrain endows the frontier crosser with an enduring gift: being able to understand and work with at least two ways of perceiving the world.

The US Advantage: Numerous, Top-Notch, Economics Programs

Gita Gopinath, Harvards newest tenured professor of economics says South Asian students mulling over studying economics abroad should give the US their best shot as the country has a real advantage in offering high quality education through a breadth of courses at numerous, competent institutions. She also says there are many good departments in the top 50 US universities offering strong undergrad programs apart from those at the highly coveted Ivy League schools.

'Creative destruction fits well with the spirit and nature of our work'

Engineer, economist and business studies professor Ajay Agrawal explains how the University of Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab helps campus innovators commercialize research breakthroughs.

Claremont: A Meeting Ground for Political Scientists and Economists

Claremont Graduate University is one of the few places in the US to house politics and economics in one school. The department is truly inter-disciplinary, which is what attracted me to it, says Chetan Ghate, Associate Professor at the Indian Statistical Institute’s Planning Unit, Delhi who did his doctoral studies at Claremont.

Arvind Panagariya: Free-trade economist to head India's NITI Aayog

The Princeton educated Economics Professor at Columbia University has been appointed to run Prime Minister Modi's new policy commission.

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