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Why Math Majors Are in Red Hot Demand

The most coveted employee in Wall Street and Silicon Valley today is a mathematician.

Duke University's China Campus

Duke University in partnership with China's Wuhan University gets final approvals for Duke Kunshan University due to open in 2014.

You Understand the Duality of Viewpoints by Studying Abroad

While in the thick of preparations for applying to studying abroad, it may not strike you as terribly obvious that you are embarking upon a life transforming journey. Dr Shailendra Raj Mehta, academic director of Duke’s Corporate Education program says stepping out of familiar terrain endows the frontier crosser with an enduring gift: being able to understand and work with at least two ways of perceiving the world.

Liberal Arts are for science and business students too

May 28, 2024 |
Dr. Andrew Field, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs at Duke Kunshan University, China, says students and parents need to understand why Liberal Arts undergraduate degrees are relevant even in a world of tech careers. He says that studying Liberal Arts is not time away from studying science, engineering, or business – rather, it makes you a better scientist, engineer, business leader. Duke Kunshan University, located in Kunshan city, near Shanghai, offers undergraduate students an education that meets the standards of Duke University in the US, culminating in a Duke University degree. Students have the opportunity to study and live in China and the US, which enriches their international perspective and increases their access to global opportunities.

Striking up a Symphony with George Mathew

Singaporean-born Indian conductor, George Mathew, came to America to study conservation biology in Hampshire College but ended up devouring the music curriculum at a liberal arts college.

On Returning to India: the story of two AIF Fellows

For those who go abroad to study, there’s always that small chance that they don’t want to return – for many reasons – job and career prospects, matters of the heart – the list is endless. But met two people who not only wanted to return, but have also taken a giant leap into the fields of development work in India.

Learning from the Best at Duke

Professor Vivek Wadhwa, who is head of Research at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization at Duke University, has been tested in the real world. He not only fought back from a heart attack and ouster from his company but also left it (after returning it to high ground) to change tracks and teach.

Book Review: What Do You Think, Mr. Ramirez?

While weighing the value of humanities courses, the book says the concept of humanities is one of America’s biggest contributions to higher education.



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