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Why BrainGain Magazine?
We believe the traditional view of social scientists that emigration resulted in a brain drain is no longer true.
In a highly connected and networked world, the free flow of ideas and knowledge is a gain for the world
Who is our target audience?
Our target audience is between 16 to 40 years of age. Our content will cover areas of interest to prospective undergraduate, graduate, executive education and doctoral students who are looking at global education options outside of India.

Given the importance that family plays in South Asian households we anticipate that our content will also resonate with parents of undergraduate and graduate students
Why should you read this magazine?
If you consider “the world your oyster” and are looking to widen your horizons through education and travel then we offer the best editorial content to give you insights into career paths, trends, hot fields of study, future of existing and new professions, traveling abroad and choosing a location to study.
Where do you generate content for your magazine?
Our editorial team is based in New York, London and New Delhi and brings first hand experience and insight into students going abroad to study as they themselves have been through that process.

We also work with a talented bunch of students, free lance writers and copy editors across other countries to get on the ground perspectives from around the world.
Why target students from South Asia?
According to the Open Doors 2010 report published by Institution of International Education (IIE) 18% of international students in the United States are from South Asia. Global Student mobility has increased by over 60% in the last decade.

The youthful demographic of South Asia (54% of India is under the age of 25) coupled with the ageing demographic in North America, Europe and Japan will necessitate increasing number of educational institutions to recruit students from fast growth regions like South Asia.
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