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5 Fascinating Thanksgiving Traditions at US Universities

Thanksgiving is a time of great festivities in the USA and Canada. This year, it falls on 26th November. We picked 5 universities which have their own slant on the celebration. From grand feasts, to exploring spiritual themes. Enjoy.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Carnegie Mellon University: Spiritual Development Month

Carnegie Mellon University celebrates November as Spiritual Development Month. According to a university official, this gives the school a 'chance to highlight all the different faith traditions taking place on campus.' This year, the Unitarians, Jewish and Hindu societies have organized festivities.

Thanksgiving Spirituality Dinner—held before the university's holiday break— will be the highlight of this month. The students are invited to gather and discuss what they're grateful for, as they feast on a traditional meal – yams, turkeys, corn and more.



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